Welcome to my personal webspace - A space I use to do bits and pieces of web related programming such as PHP and practice administration & customization of products such as Joomla and phpBB.

It is located on a hosted platform!

    • So that I can access it from work or home without worrying about a firewall
    • So that I don't have to worry about a hacker killing my own server
    • So that I can relatively easily back-it-up
    • So that I can relocate it (to another host or to my own machine) if I ever need to

As it is a free hosting site (restrictions do apply), it costs me nothing!

    • I didn't have to pay for the PC
    • I don't have to pay to get it on the internet
    • I don't have to secure it
    • I don't have to power it

The website is built with Joomla and is primarily intended to host the Blog and provide a gateway to the Forum an embedded a phpBB forum that I can log stuff I want to remember, host files and to potentially have discussions & share more detailed information!